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Terms of Use

All materials available through this page are protected by copyright. Terms of Use: Products from this store are for NONprofit use of graphic designer hobbyists only! This artwork is NOT stock for other artists to place in their artworks. Art is to be used ONLY for the the following digital designs:

  • Signature Tags
  • Website Banners
  • Avatars and Icons
  • Templates for Personal Websiste
  • Incredimail Stationary

All designs must be completed projects with my art being only one element therein. You can NOT make PSP or other software brushes from this artwork or other types of filters or effects and use or distribute those.

Your finished design can NOT be uploaded to any online art gallery or any art gallery. (online photo albums for tag show-off or pick-up is fine)

Your finished design can NOT be printed on any products, except personal use from your own computer, such as a stationary page to send someone a personal letter.

Your finished design can NOT be larger than 600 px wide or 700 px tall.

Carolina Seabra name and your user ID# MUST be clearly visible and legible on the design.

Your User Agreement and ID# are only good for the artworks you obtain from this store under your name. In other words, you can't purchase just one artwork, get na agreement and then use that agreement for other artworks given to you by others... That's breaking my terms of use. I keep diligent track of who orders what.

I, Carolina Seabra, reserve the right to make additions or changes to this agreement at any time. It is the user's responsibility to stay updated with the terms, at www.queenuriel.com.

To sum it up:

  • Carolina Seabra's copyright information and link t www.queenuriel.com must be written and clearly visible on all designs.
  • User agreement's number must be written and clearly visible on all designs.

Here's na example of how you write on your designs, tags, etc.:

©Carolina Seabra - www.queenuriel.com
Tagged by "YourNameHere" ID# 0000

You must purchase artwork in order to get a User Agreement and ID#.
That's the only way I will add you as a member and that's the only way you will have na ID number (lic. #) to use my art.

Please don't email me about your number unless you've lost the order number.

Every user must obtain and use a valid user agreement! This is how I know who is using the art, and if I or someone else sees the art being used without a user number on it, then we know the art was taken illegally!

Artwork may never be used in designs or on web sites that promote hate, criminal activity, pornography, demonizing.

Artwork can be used in conjunction with other artistsí works, within banners and graphics, as long as permission is obtained from the other artist(s).

Artwork can be modified: cropping, changing to black/white, rescaling to fit, as long as it is not distorted.

Additions MUST be made, such as: text, borders, animated glitter, rain, snow or other complimentary elements. Artwork can only be ONE part of finished designs.

Animation of body parts, hair, wings, eyes and glitter are allowed

Artwork can never be sold by agreeing user, neither the png files/images nor the artwork on prints and products.

Purchased artwork can not be redistributed to others, not from other download sites, shops, or communities, not even for purpose of sharing or gifting. This is strictly forbidden. (the only exception to this rule are the EXCLUSIVE FAIRIES COMMISSIONS)

Every user of the art must have na agreement and a current, valid ID#.

All purchasing questions, downloads, concerns regarding art purchased from the store must be sent to queenuriel@gmail.com
Follow all the terms above, and have fun!

  • By having the product, and reading the Disclaimer/Terms of Use, you are hereby notified of terms and will be held liable if any of the terms are broken by you.

I would love to see tags and other projects made with my art, so if you want, you can mail them to queenuriel@gmail.com
Thanks for buying my Art, and hope it will inspire you to make Lovely tags yourself. Have fun!

Carolina Seabra

My Arts do not belong to the Public Domain, and must not be used and altered without my permission. Any re-distribution of the itens on this page is forbidden. Carolina Seabra / 2009-2014